eCheck Acceptance-Retun Policy

Tropicool Accents

Tropicool Accents will accept checks from individuals and organizations under a good faith policy.

Orders paid by eCheck will NOT be processed until eCheck payment has been cleared and deposited. (typically 3-7 business days) You will receive an email confirmation of cleared check, and the order will begin.

If a check is returned to Tropicool Accents as a result of non-sufficient funds, effective immediately the person or organization responsible for payment MUST submit payment to Tropicool Accents with a money order or certified bank check and must include a $35 returned check fee.

Once a check is returned, we will not accept a check from the individual or organization again, until all funds are repaid, in which eligibility for writing eCheck participation may be resumed if we feel all obligations have been met in a timely matter. Staff is mandated to check the Returned Check List before accepting a personal or organization check.

Bank card returns will be handled by the same policy/procedures.

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