TropiCool Accents Custom Embroidery
Galveston Island, TX 77551
Phone : 409-256-4493

08-31-2017 - SHIPPING NOTICE

 Our USPS is now Open, so those that have ordered, and have received Shipping notification, the Post Offices is now processing.

We are asking all that has orders to please be patient as the USPS being processed. We were very LUCKY with Harvey, and well prepared. Please be nice, and not contact me about your orders. You will/should receive Shipping confirmation with Tracking Number, and you can use that info to check on the progress of the USPS.

I also want to thank all that have contacted us expressing your concerns on our well being. There are a LOT of folks out there that need help, and it's NOT only in the Houston area.

May you all be safe, and kind to all doing this time of need.
God Bless!

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