Tropicool Accents Embroidery Digitizing Infomation

Lets begin with the type of files to send.

I use CorelDraw

.cdr , .cmx , .eps , .ai
"IF" not available, then .jpg or .png or other files listed below ...

We do not accept Screen Shots from computers or phones. In most cases, we will not even respond.

  In order to digitize an artwork, you need to supply us with a good quality image. We prefer designs to be sent as vector files in formats CDR, CMX, AI, EPS . Bitmap files are also accepted (BMP) , Other formats can also be accepted, but may involve more cost to produce(JPG, PNG, GIF or TIF).

Depending on the format you send will depend on how much this will cost. Vector format is the Best way to have this type of conversion done. these are the .cdr , .cmx , .eps , .ai

The .jpg and other Non-Vector formats and some .bmp files will cost more, because we have to rework the graphic to turn them into a vector format to be used for embroidery. Do Not take your .jpg file and convert/save it into an .eps and think that will do the trick. It does not, and makes it even worst to convert. .EPS files are files that have been saved in a vector program to be sent out to many types of shops for conversions, like screen printing and embroidery. DO NOT SEND small images from the internet, and tell me you want some large size for a back patch.

ONLY FINAL PROOF Files will be accepted for consideration. We Will Not/Do Not make any changes to any Designs that you provide to us as Final Proofs. All Information is Needed below to give you consideration for you embroidered patch. One of the most important information needed is SIZE. We do not play "my opinion" or "best guess" or "what ifs". This is YOUR Patch, Not mine. We MIGHT consider Color changes, as long ALL the same color for that particular color is thought the whole design.

The actual Embroidery is when I have converted your graphic file into the embroidery format. We use the .dst format, and this will be useful information for you later.
We DO NOT send our work out to China, India, whoever. We take pride in our work, and we appreciate the "word of mouth" advertising.

Now, If you are a club, and have already have or had you patches embroidered, to save a LOT of money, you can send me the embroidery file (.dst) for price consideration. You can also send me a picture of you name patches or other type of patches for consideration also. Most Clubs and Organizations have very strict rules on colors. For that reason, a picture is good, BUT to match the thread up right, the actual patch is (most of the time) Required. Again, this will be determined at time of contact.

If you are wanting a Free vector graphic program, You can get one here at Inkscape. . You can save it in its native format of .svg or .eps, and I will see what I can do with it.

To send me your graphic artwork, Please use the form below.