In Memory Of Patch with Dove Full Embroidered with Name and Dates

In Memory Of Dove Full Embroidered - Name & Dates

In Memory Of Patch
with DOVE - 2-LINE
Enter Names and Dates Below or during Checkout. Dove will always be White.
Name and Dates for Patch - Number Format Only - 00/00/0000 - 00/00/0000 or 00/00/0000 : Please be sure that all Names are with correct Capitalization. (example: MIKE or Mike ; first last name or First Last Name) Orders will be made with entries entered.
Approx. Size: 3.75"w X 2.0"h
The Dove will ALWAYS be WHITE.
If you select a White Background, and Off-Wite will be used for the Dove.
Please ASK All Questions First if un-sure if a Name will fit or a color needed. Regular Basic Colors like Black, White, Red, Green, Olive, Yellow, Dk Yellow, Gold, Silver, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, etc,,, are pretty easy...
If you have a need for an off the wall color, Please ask first.Be Sure to pick the colors when ordering. You will Enter the Name and Dates for the Patch(s) during the checkout process....
All DATES will be in the Number Format.
ex: 00/00/00 - 00/00/00 or 1900 - 2008 for just the years.
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