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In Loving Memory Patch - Name & Dates - Polytwill

In Loving Memory Patch
Name and Dates
Enter Name and Dates during Checkout.
Name and Dates for Patch - Number Format Only - 00/00/0000 - 00/00/0000 or 00/00/0000 : Please be sure that all Names are with correct Capitalization. (example: MIKE or Mike ; first last name or First Last Name) Orders will be made with entries entered. STANDARD FONT used for NAME ONLY!
Please ASK All Questions First if un-sure if a Name will fit or a color needed.
STANDARD FONT for NAME will be used. No Exceptions!
Size: 3.75W x 2.25H

Click on Image to see The Different Background Colors.

This POLYTWILL Is our NEW Material that we will be using to make Regular Patches with. It is a Much Higher Grade material than Most patch makers use, and is also UV resistant..
You will enter the Names and Dates during Check-Out...You will Enter the Name and Dates for the Patch(s) during the checkout process....
All DATES will be in the Number Format.
ex: 00/00/00 - 00/00/00 or 1900 - 2008 for just the years.

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