3.75in x 1.4in Name Patch Round Corners - FE

3.75in x 1.4in Name Patch Round Corners - FE

3.75in x 1.4in
Custom Name Patch

Full Embroidered
Round Corners
Name on Patch:

Custom Motorcycle Name Patches

Full Embroidered ROUND CORNERS REGULAR Version
Size: 3.75"W x 1.5"H
I use this and suggest this size patch is to be used as an OFFICER NAME TAG. Ex:VICE PRESIDENT, ROAD CAPTAIN, ect... something that would make the name/position look better than all squeezed together. Those type of names would go on 2 lines. The Single Word Officer names would still Look Good. The Medium version can also be used the same, but the text would be smaller than just the single word Officer Name, ex: PRESIDENT, SECRETARY, ect...<

You Choose

TEXT Color

Please ASK All Questions First if un-sure if a Name will fit or a color needed. Regular Basic Colors like Black, White, Red, Green, Olive, Yellow, Dk Yellow, Gold, Silver, Pink, Hot Pink, Purple, etc,,, are pretty easy...

If you have a need for an off the wall color, Please ask first.
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